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Patrick Herbst

Full-Stack Developer

Blending over 10 years of sales expertise with a fresh proficiency in Full-Stack development!

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As a seasoned professional in business management, I've developed a keen understanding of market needs, client relations, and effective communication – skills I believe are invaluable in the realm of software development.

After immersing myself in a Java bootcamp, I've acquired the tools to craft intuitive and robust web applications. My dual background empowers me to not only code solutions, but also ensure they align with business objectives and user needs.

I'm eager to bring my unique perspective to the world of web development, transforming challenges into scalable and efficient digital solutions.

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My skills

This is a little excerpt of my skills.
For more information see my projects or download my CV.

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  1. HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Angular
  4. React
  1. Java
  2. Spring Boot
  3. SQL & Relational Database

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Frontend Developer

Development of custom web pages. Using current technologies and libraries.

Backend Developer

Development of backend solutions. Using SQL & relational databases.

Full Stack Developer

Development of full stack applications.

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A clone of Google's Keep App using React

Google Keep Clone

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